Trump Not Welcome by NY GOP

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By Joe Messina

In this clip from The Jimmy Dore Show, Jimmy Dore gets a call from Congressman Peter King (R-NY), voiced by Mike MacRae. “King” told Dore he is horrified at Donald Trump’s current presence in the state in anticipation of the upcoming New York primary.

When King told Dore that Trump is “here,” Dore thought he meant at King’s house.

“Oh, thank heavens, no,” King told Dore, in an exaggerated New York City accent. “If that asshole was in my house, I would have shot him dead by now and I would be hollering ‘stand your ground’ to my lawyer.” Republicans in Congress are not fans of Trump.

King said Trump is currently in Patchogue, NY, holding a rally.

“Yeah, every other town out here has some friggin Indian name or something,” MacRae’s hilariously over the top racist King said.

Patchogue is actually an interesting place for Trump to hold a rally, Dore points out, because, as King so eloquently explains, “a couple of years ago some kids [from Patchogue] went out and beat a Colombian fellow to death because they were like ‘hey, I don’t want to press one for English.’”

Watch the whole clip below for the rest of King’s reaction to Trump in New York.

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