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By Joe Messina

This is another article about medical marijuana, but it’s more unusual than you think. New Jersey Assemblyman Tim Eustace – a man – has called for the inclusion of menstrual cramps on the list of conditions patients may treat with medical marijuana in New Jersey. New Jersey is one of the northeastern states that has been oddly tight assed about marijuana decriminalization, and in this country, it comes as a shock that a man would fight for something that would benefit women in this way. He’s a not Republican, if you couldn’t guess.

Of course, this is New Jersey, so there’s always the possibility that he’s actually an uber misogynist who wants to help so that broads will can it with the whining.

The Nightly Show’s Holly Walker used her segment “Lady Time” on the show to talk about the issue, coming to us from a sudsy bathtub where she wanted to talk about “something even dirtier than me: New Jersey.”

After a local news clip explaining Eustace’s position, the camera returns to Walker, who is now wearing large sunglasses.

“Looks like those marijuana restrictions are really…” she said, dramatically removing the glasses, “cramping their style.” Cue Roger Daltry’s big scream in The Who’s “Won’t Get Fooled Again” a la CSI: Miami.

Even though Walker is sure women know why it would be great to “Hot box their hot boxes once a month,” she plays the rest of the clip anyway. Cut to Eustace explaining that marijuana is much safer than addictive opioids currently used to treat menstrual cramps in many cases.

I’m sure it would be much easier to just legalize marijuana fully for adults, but this is America and that’s not how we do things.

Watch the whole clip below.

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