Superdelegates Are Not the Problem

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By Joe Messina

This week on Full Frontal, Samantha Bee delved into the confusing and ridiculous world of superdelegates.

A Sanders supporter recently created the Superdelegate Hit List, a list of Democratic superdelegates and their contact information, where other supporters can go and try to convince Clinton-backing superdelegates to switch to Sanders.

So what’s a superdelegate? They are party elites, including governors and congresspeople, who can vote for any candidate at the convention regardless of the popular vote. I’ll let you watch Bee’s great history in the video explaining why the DNC adopted the practice of superdelegates, but it involves a riot at the 1968 Democratic National Convention, and a 1960s version of Bee reporting on it.

The point is, Sanders supporters trying to sway superdelegates may seem harmless, but it’s completely unnecessary. Yes, superdelegates can vote however they want, but they have never gone against the will of the people, because violent riots are bad for the party. In other words, if Bernie wins, he’ll win.

“[Superdelegates] aren’t there to protect Democrats from someone like this,” Bee said as an image of Sanders popped up next to her, “they’re there to protect them from someone like this,” she said, as a picture of Trump replaced Sanders.

Not only is it unnecessary to call superdelegates, it’s fucking terrible to harass and berate them, which some Sanders supporters have done. Supporters have reportedly made threatening phone calls to superdelegates’ private numbers, and yelled at others for “voting against their interests.”

You know that Sanders would be the first to condemn this behavior. Come on, it’s like killing in the name of Jesus, or committing violence in the name of Martin Luther King Jr., or washing your hair in the name of James Franco.

Watch the whole clip below.

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