SNL Skewers Anti-Gay Discrimination in Hilarious Trailer

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By Joe Messina

It’s good to see Saturday Night Live causing a little trouble. Between outrage over this weekend’s heroin sketch and the trailer for “God is a Boob Man” you’ll find below, the latest batch of SNL players and writers are raising the show’s profile in a way the culture hasn’t seen in a while.

“God is a Boob Man” stars Vanessa Bayer as Beth, a simple, small town baker whose life is turned upside down when a gay couple played by Taran Killam and Beck Bennett come in and order a wedding cake – menacingly.

“I said make the cake,” Killam bellows at Beth as she nervously stirs a mixing bowl. But she can’t bring herself to defy god by making a cake for two men. What follows is a magnificently on-point David and Goliath-style trailer about Beth taking on the gay agenda and attempting to prove that god is straight.

Several people, including the judge in a trial between Beth and the gay couple, pressure Beth to admit that god is gay, which she of course refuses to do. In perhaps the funniest moment of the sketch, she wanders into a state governor’s cabinet meeting.

“Governor, we are the poorest state in the country, second in obesity, third in teen pregnancy…” said an advisor played by Cecily Strong. The governor, played by Bobby Moynihan, cuts her off and inquires with Beth.

“I want to deny basic goods and services to gay people,” Beth responded.

“Everybody out,” Moynihan said. “This is the priority now.”

It would be even funnier if it weren’t 100% accurate. SNL’s portrayal may not affect change on anti-gay laws, but it puts the powerful in their place and will make people think for a moment. This is comedy at its best.

Watch the whole clip below.

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