Scraping the Bottom of the Bernie Barrel

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By Joe Messina

Jimmy Dore loves pointing out the journalistic crimes of Democratic Party hack and blatant fabricator Chris Matthews, and this segment from The Jimmy Dore Show was no different. Dore played a clip from Matthews’ MSNBC show Hardball, where Matthews and guests questioned why Bernie Sanders has been “late” to release his tax returns.

“He doesn’t want us to see them,” Matthews speculated. Yes, I’m sure Sanders has a lot to hide with his $200,000 a year coming from his government salary and social security benefits. Matthews, whose wife shares several big donors with Hillary Clinton for her congressional run, has declined to disclose his conflict of interest when it comes to reporting on the presidential election, but he certainly lets it show as he grasps at straws to discredit Sanders.

Our media just don’t seem to have the vocabulary to describe a politician who actually has a shred of integrity. Matthews hangs out with senators, Dore pointed out. He must assume that Sanders is a “war criminal” and a “maniac” like most of the rest of them.

When Dore puts Sanders’ exact income from 2014 up on the screen – $205,271 – one of his guests said, “Oh, so he only gave one speech to Goldman Sachs?” landing an awesome dig at the obscene amount of money Clinton has made giving such speeches. Matthews will never talk about that, though.

“Besides, he’s releasing his taxes incrementally, so Hillary should be satisfied with that kind of change,” the panelist added. You should all go contribute to The Jimmy Dore Show’s Indiegogo campaign so they can get another camera and it’ll be easier to tell who is talking on this show.

Watch the whole clip below.

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