Pros and Cons of Campaigning in New York

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By Joe Messina

This week on the Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon looked at the pros and cons of campaigning in New York City, as the remaining presidential candidates descend on the city and state.

The first and probably best joke of the segment was when Fallon said it was a pro that Bernie Sanders got “Hamilton” tickets from a guy he knew, but the con was that the guy he knew was Alexander Hamilton. He’s old, you see.

After that, it was a pro that Hillary Clinton took swipes at Bernie Sanders’ voting record, and a con that she took 400 swipes at a subway turnstile.

These jokes make you realize how old most of the candidates are. It’s so easy to make old jokes about any of them. John Kasich is one of the young ones at 63, and Ted Cruz, the youngest among them by far, is still the most horrifying to look at. I can’t understand why Clinton’s looks get the most scrutiny. Cruz is in this race and we’re talking about Clinton’s appearance? Come on, misogynists.

Watch the whole clip below.

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