NY Primary Appears Rigged to Those with Eyes

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By Joe Messina

This weekend on Redacted Tonight, Lee Camp offered what he called proof that the New York primary was rigged. The fact that essentially the entire population of Brooklyn mysteriously became unregistered to vote is almost proof enough that the results aren’t exactly legitimate, but let’s hear Camp out.

“It was a big win for Plutocracy,” Camp said as side-by-side images of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump popped up next to him. He added that if you watch mainstream news media, you’ll agree that Bernie Sanders is a big loser who should have honor killed himself a long time ago.

Camp cut to a clip from MSNBC – I believe it was the Rachel Maddow Show – where panelists wondered aloud why Sanders is even still running if he doesn’t have a path to the nomination. Because, besides the fact that he is less than 300 delegates behind and there are still 19 states that haven’t voted, apparently there is no such thing as a contested convention or a protest candidacy. In fact, the majority of presidential candidates – mostly the ones you haven’t heard of – know they won’t win and run almost solely to promote ideas and affect the policies of the major party candidates.

“Bernie Sanders should eat a bag of dicks,” Camp added, mocking the commentators’ incessant need to criticize Sanders. Sanders has won eight of the last ten primary contests, Camp reminds viewers, but media corporations, the majority of whom fund Clinton, for some reason desperately want us to think Sanders has no chance and never did.

Despite losing to Clinton in New York, Sanders actually won the majority of counties in the state, which Camp showed in a map graphic.

“Bernie only won everything in green, which is all of the New York,” Camp joked. Watch the whole clip below for details on the New York City voter registration scandal that has unfolded since the primary.

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