Medical Marijuana Not Always So Medical

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By Joe Messina

In last night’s Pedestrian Question on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the show asked people on the street whether they had a medical marijuana card. Keep in mind that this is California, where the qualifications for the card aren’t exactly the strictest.

After asking the first person, Jimmy Kimmel paused the video and had the audience guess whether Randy, a chilled out young guy with a baseball hat, lip piercing, and a graphic T-shirt had a medical marijuana card. The crowd almost unanimously agreed that he must, and sure enough he readily admitted to it once the video started back up.

“I think if your name is Randy they just give you a card, no questions asked,” Kimmel said.

The interviewer then asked Randy what medical condition he had that required the use of marijuana, and he couldn’t remember for the life of him. Come on, Randy. You at least have to have a made-up reason in your back pocket.

“Yeah, you kind of need one to have the medical…you need med…yeah I guess you need one, huh…” Randy mustered after staring into the distance for an extended pause.

The next candidate, a middle aged woman, also revealed herself to have a medical marijuana card. She said her condition was “kids, jobs, life.” You have to wonder what these people told their doctor to get these cards; unless the doctors are just all high in California, which wouldn’t surprise me.

Watch the whole clip below.

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