John Kasich Woos Jews

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By Joe Messina

Samantha Bee checked in with the presidential candidates on the campaign trail leading up to the state’s primary earlier this week in this clip from Full Frontal on TBS, and it seems they were in full pander mode.

First, John Kasich made a couple of pathetic attempts to reach out to Hasidic Jews. He stumbled his way through the biblical story of Joseph, getting only blank stares in response. Then, at a matzo factory – because no one can draw political cartoons about you if you live inside one – Kasich talked about how great “The Passover” is, somehow shoehorning Jesus into that story. It doesn’t make sense to talk about Jesus with Orthodox Jews to begin with, but as Bee pointed out, the story of “The Passover,” as Kasich calls it, predates Jesus by 1300 years.

Bee then showed Kasich having a “foodgasm” over the options at a Bronx restaurant, finally mustering to the press, “This is like…being so alive.”

“Look how much fun you can have when you don’t have to worry about getting votes,” Bee said. “It’s the upside of being the neglected taint between the Republican primary’s dick [Trump] and asshole [Cruz].”

Watch the whole clip below.

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