Jimmy Kimmel’s America: Civil War

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By Joe Messina

This clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live featured a trailer for America: Civil War, or the presidential election edition of Captain America: Civil War. Jimmy Kimmel said he had noticed some parallels between the film and the campaign, so Marvel stepped in to insert the candidates into the trailer. For example, both the campaign and the movie feature former friends who are now enemies (Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump), and both have powerful men and women who are also cartoon characters.

The trailer featured Bernie Sanders portraying Captain America (“An all-American idealist”), who faces off against Trump’s Iron Man (“A diabolical billionaire”).

“The American Dream is an American nightmare,” said Captain Bernie.

“The American Dream is dead,” Iron Trump replied.

After several tense shots of the first two characters, Hillary Clinton emerges from the darkness with an evil laugh as someone (sorry, I don’t know comic books), and the final shot is the late Ben Carson, who begs someone to attack him already.

Watch the whole clip below.

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