“Hillary” Panders to New Yorkers on SNL

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By Joe Messina

Kate McKinnon had another great performance as Hillary Clinton during a Saturday Night Live cold open this weekend. McKinnon’s Clinton is great because she basically plays her as Clinton’s latent ego come to the forefront. She’s power-hungry, disdainful of young people, and woefully out of touch. Whether you believe those things are true of Clinton or not, it’s a hilarious character, and it’s funny to imagine Clinton thinking this way behind closed doors.

Opening with a classic awkward Clinton laugh, McKinnon’s Clinton addressed the SNL crowd to talk about her recent streak of primary and caucus losses to Bernie Sanders. She insists that she never planned on winning those states, but is actually physically unable to say the word “lose” in trying to repeat the old adage, “You win some, you lose some.”

Clinton tried to play down her losses, saying it might have been two or three, but she was reminded of the real number when a handyman played by Kenan Thompson walked through the room and said, “Hey, Mrs. Clinton, I’m here to fix seven holes in your wall.”

Clinton said the losses humanized her, and that she was excited about her new “underdog” status. She’s focused on New York now, she said, pulling out her favorite “old” hat, a stiff New York Yankees cap with the price tag still on.

Clinton also said she loved to ride the subway, and cut to a clip of her struggling with a turnstile, eventually giving up and taking a cab.

Watch the whole clip below.

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