Hillary Clinton: Megyn Kelly is Superb Journalist

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By Joe Messina

Never mind superb – the fact that Hillary Clinton thinks Megyn Kelly of Fox News is any kind of journalist should set off a red flag. I would never expect any Democrat to call a Fox News host superb, but that’s exactly what Clinton did as a guest on The View recently.

“She can’t help herself,” Jimmy Dore said after playing a clip of Clinton’s comment on The Jimmy Dore Show. “She can’t help but praise conservatives.” Clinton started off by condemning Donald Trump’s misogynist comments aimed at Kelly earlier in the campaign season, but somehow that turned into praising Kelly’s journalism.

Here’s the thing; I can deal with a gaffe. Bernie Sanders doesn’t speak perfectly every minute. No politician and no person does. And with the amount of talking presidential candidates do, they’re bound to slip up here and there. But when you hesitate to support Planned Parenthood against a hoaxed sting video, praise Nancy Reagan for her nonexistent AIDS advocacy, and now praise right-wing pot-stirrers, at some point I can’t keep believing it’s an accident.

Dore pointed to examples of Kelly’s right-wing lunacy, including the time she assured children that Santa is white, and the time she defended that insane cop who assaulted a 15-year-old black girl at a pool party last year.

“Because she’s pro-abortion…because she acknowledges science, doesn’t make her a liberal,” Dore said of Clinton. He’s right, and it makes her more or less a moderate Republican, which I believe most Democrats have accepted is all we can expect from our leaders now.

Watch the whole clip below.

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