George Clooney Insists He’s No Koch

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By Joe Messina

Recently, Bernie Sanders called out a George Clooney-hosted Hillary Clinton fundraising event as a symptom of a corrupt campaign finance system. He did not blame Clooney himself, but said that big donors attending this and similar events have undue influence over our politicians.

Jimmy Dore played a clip of MSNBC’s Chuck Todd asking Clooney if Sanders was right – “Do you think people that are coming to your event tonight and went last night, that they think they’re going to get extra access to Hillary Clinton – to a President Clinton?”

“Do they think they’re going to get extra access?” Dore asked, pausing the clip. “She was there.”

Dore makes a maddeningly good point. Why are we talking about some hypothetical future access these people might have? They already have the access. It cost $300,000 to get in the fucking door at this thing. How is that not preferential access for people with a lot of money? Did you meet Clinton? Do you have $300,000? I know I don’t, Joe wrote, sitting in a Barnes & Noble typing on the computer his dad bought him.

Clooney answered “No” to Todd’s question, claiming that there is a difference between people at his events and the Koch brothers.

“There is a difference. Not much,” Dore said, pointing out that Charles and David Koch have the same views as Clinton on the TPP and fracking, unless you believe that Clinton just happened to truly change her beliefs on those issues at the same time Bernie Sanders and the entire Democratic base basically forced her to do so.

Clooney claimed that he’s different from the Kochs because Democratic tax policy would actually cost him more money. I believe that Clooney believes that, but as Dore pointed out, Obama made 82% of the George W. Bush tax cuts permanent – something Bush was unable to do himself. Why anyone thinks Clinton would be any different is beyond me.

Watch the whole clip below.

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