Fox News’ Tubman Twenty Tirade

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By Joe Messina

Fox News predictably freaked out this week at the prospect of a woman – a black woman, no less, on the $20 bill. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew announced earlier this week that anti-slavery activist Harriet Tubman is set to join President Andrew Jackson on the bill.

Trevor Noah lauded the decision on The Daily Show, praising Tubman for escaping slavery, returning to the south several times to free others, and for inventing water skiing.

“Some of you doubted for a second,” Noah teased his audience. “If you had more than a month of Black History Month [sic] that wouldn’t have happened.”

Noah looked forward to using the new $20 bill to bribe hosts for better seats at crowded restaurants – “Maybe my friend Harriet Tubman could free up a table, kind of like how she freed all those slaves.”

The most striking part of the news is that a former slave is overtaking a slave owner on one of our bills. And if you know anything about US history, you know our money is covered in slave owners. I say “overtaking” though because Jackson will still be on the bill – he’s just moving to the back.

That didn’t stop the conservative outrage machine, though. Noah played a clip of several Fox News pundits and Donald Trump condemning the decision as a giveaway to the “PC Police,” which is not a police force dedicated to the prosecution of personal computer-related crimes.

One smug woman on Fox News pointed out that Tubman is honored in other ways, her point being I guess that it is overkill to add her picture to currency. President George H.W. Bush even declared a Harriet Tubman Day in 1990, she said, smugging it up hard.

Without Googling, someone tell me when Harriet Tubman Day is. I’ll wait.

Watch the whole clip below.

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