Ex-Cons Get the Vote Out

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By Joe Messina

Last night on The Daily Show, “Senior Incarceration Correspondent” Jordan Klepper told Trevor Noah that ex-convicts should not be allowed to vote. Noah had been in the middle of a report about a newly passed law in Virginia that restored voting rights to felons before he cut to Klepper, who reported live from a green screen of a prison yard.

“How can you generalize about that many people?” Noah asked Klepper. Klepper insisted he knew more about prison than Noah from his six long years of watching Oz.

“Prison is a masterfully shot and acted hellhole where the language is fear and the currency is stabbing,” Klepper explained.

Next, Klepper brought out two ex-convicts, played by fellow Comedy Central stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele of Key & Peele, to help prove his point. Darius (Key) and Killa B. Killed (Peele) came out with wide-eyed stares, casting intimidating stares at the camera. Noah asked the ex-cons how they felt about Klepper’s belief that they shouldn’t have the right to vote.

“This motherfucker…” Darius started, “is absolutely correct.” It turned out both characters agreed that they shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

“I use violence to solve my problems in the short term without regard for the long term,” Darius continued. “Much like how America’s disastrous foreign policy decisions in the Middle East destabilized the region and led to the emergence of the Islamic State.”

You see where this is going now.

Killa B. added that he couldn’t know anything about campaign finance or Tort reform because he’s too busy selling cigarettes and taking night classes so he can file his own legal appeals.

This bit makes two points at once. The first is that it makes no sense to generalize about all people who end up in prison. The second is how uninformed many Americans are, and how there may very well be felons who understand these issues better than the average citizen.

Watch the whole clip below.

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