Democratic Party’s Voter Fraud

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By Joe Messina

It’s important to have varied perspectives in America. We need multiple points of view clashing with each other here, not just to facilitate moderation and a marketplace of ideas, and not just because it’s fun to see a big idiot talk about border walls. Sometimes it’s hard to see that your team is being terrible until you listen to someone who doesn’t like your team.

This segment from The Jimmy Dore Show posted yesterday provides a great example of this necessity in American society when Jimmy Dore cut to a clip from Morning Joe on MSNBC. Hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski are Republicans (but I thought MSNBC was liberal media?), so they’re often wrong, and often attack Democrats, but it’s hard not to get behind what they had to say about the Democratic primary election in Wyoming this past weekend.

“Why does the Democratic Party even have voting booths?” Scarborough asked after explaining that although Bernie Sanders won with 56% of the vote to Hillary Clinton’s 44%, Clinton lead Sanders in delegates 11 to 7.

He then made a great point about how Democrats are up in arms about Republican voter disenfranchisement through voter ID laws, and yet allow a candidate who lost by 12 points take the most delegates.

“That, by definition, is voter disenfranchisement,” Scarborough said, adding that he doesn’t know why Democratic voters put up with it.

“Because they have Stockholm Syndrome, Joe,” Dore responded.

Voter ID laws are bullshit, but Scarborough is right. Democrats need to clean their own house before they go on talking about how much better they are than Republicans.

Watch the whole clip below.

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