Colbert Shows Hillary How to Eat Cheesecake on TV

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By Joe Messina

Stephen Colbert and I have had our differences since he moved to CBS and the Late Show, but he was undeniably funny in this interview with Hillary Clinton at New York’s Carnegie Deli.

Colbert and Clinton sat down together for cheesecake, and Colbert started by asking if Bill Clinton would be upset with her for eating cheesecake since he is a vegan.

“He never says, ‘you know, that sandwich had a face’?” Colbert asked. Clinton said that Bill is a very open minded vegan.

While they were on the subject, Colbert asked Clinton the worst thing she’s had to eat at a public event. He said she didn’t have to disclose which state it was in because everyone knows it was Iowa.

Colbert asked because Clinton didn’t eat the cheesecake at Junior’s Cheesecake in New York last week.

“It’s awkward eating in front of the press,” Clinton said. “They could get a funny shot, something could drop out of your mouth, it could smear your face…” Sound ridiculous? Come on, this is the country that where the news turned “we can’t find a plane” into a weeks long story. I think Clinton’s fears are founded.

Colbert said he would show Clinton the best, least messy way to eat a slice of cheesecake, pulling the classic comedy move of taking a little piece off with his fork and then shoving the entire giant slice into his face with his hand.

I have to share one more thing because you might miss it. The best joke of the segment was almost lost underneath laughter from a previous joke. When Clinton assured Colbert that she could get Republicans to work with her as president, he asked her if he could “have five dollars of whatever you’re on right now?”

“You could have even ten or fifteen,” Clinton responded.

Look, there it is: Clinton’s sense of humor. As long as she has that I think we could survive her potential presidency.

Watch the whole clip below.

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