Clinton: The Wolf Who Cried Wolf

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By Joe Messina

Before a high price Hillary Clinton fundraiser last week, protestors threw money at her motorcade as it drove by. It may seem obvious to you that these people were protesting money in politics (also known as “corruption” in sane societies), but that’s not the whole story, at least according to some Clinton supporters.

Jimmy Dore reported in this segment from The Jimmy Dore Show that media personalities are now perpetuating the idea the act of throwing money at Clinton’s motorcade was sexist. An old favorite, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, asked Rebecca Traister, an editor of New York Magazine, about the protest, and she went straight for the sexism.

“You can have a legitimate economic critique,” Traister answered, but maintained that there are still misogynist undertones to throwing money at a woman. If I can turn her argument around for a second, I have to say that while there are legitimate complaints of sexism and misogyny in this election centered on Clinton, it can start to seem like a catchall when every criticism of Clinton comes back to sexism. I want equality and I want women to run for high offices, but we’re not going to have equality if we can’t equally criticize women and men for extreme corruption.

Admirably, Dore doesn’t take on this issue himself, instead giving his chair to his wife Stef Zamorano, a comedian and the show’s “resident Latina.”

“I initially just thought, ‘Oh, these people are protesting, and throwing money at an expensive vehicle that has a politician inside of it,” Zamorano said.

People have called Clinton a whore regarding her ties to big money. That’s sexist. People have focused on Clinton’s appearance while hardly mentioning that of the other, more penis-having candidates. That’s sexist. I’m sorry, but I don’t see it in this case.

Watch the whole clip below.

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