Ben & Jerry and Bernie Bubbles

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By Joe Messina

Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield of Ben & Jerry’s got arrested in Washington, DC earlier this week protesting money in politics. They weren’t in jail for long, but Stephen Colbert thinks their time in the slammer will inspire some new ice cream flavors, which he unveiled in this segment from The Late Show.

There was Solitary Confine-Mint, Conejugal Visit, Cherryan Brotherhood, Disproportionate Incarceration of African Americrunch, Toilet Wine, and Life Without Possibility of Pecan.

Cohen and Greenfield are big supporters of Bernie Sanders, who, as you may know, has come out strongly against money in politics. Colbert cut to a clip of Sanders touting his aversion to Super PACs, and pointed out how aggressively Sanders uses his pointer finger during his speeches.

“Not only does Bernie make good points, he also points good,” Colbert said. He then explained a new video game the show had created called “Bubble Burst Bernie.” They replayed the clip, this time with Sanders popping animated bubbles every time he pointed his finger.

Watch the whole clip below.

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