Ben Carson Debates Evil Twin on Daily Show

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By Joe Messina

Trevor Noah called back to Dr. Ben Carson’s crowning achievement in this segment from The Daily Show; his successful separation of two conjoined newborn twins. What most people don’t know, Noah told the crowd, is that Carson actually performed that surgery on himself and his evil twin, Ken Carson.

Noah himself played Ken, who was even more tired than his brother Ben, who showed up in the flesh for the a debate with Ken.

“Pleased…to…be…” Ken said, unable to finish the sentence before the moderator, correspondent Desi Lydic, had to continue.

Lydic’s first question had to do with both Carsons’ endorsements of Donald Trump, asking what the most positive aspect of a Trump presidency would be. Ben replied that it would be beneficial to have a president not beholden to special interests. I, personally, drop my commitment to voting for a guy who doesn’t take big money when that guy is an insane person, but that’s just me.

“Ken” reassured viewers that, even if Trump were a bad president, we would only have him in the White House for four years.

“Four years is not very long at all,” Ken said. “It’s barely enough time for me to count to ten.”

While answering the next question, Ben was remarkably animated. If this Ben Carson had appeared in the debates, maybe he wouldn’t have failed so miserably. Granted, he still gave a completely nonsensical explanation about how Obamacare fundamentally changed the relationship between the people and the government, but he did it with such gusto. He even gave Noah rabbit ears with his hand, and actually laughed out loud.

Unlike Ben, who distanced himself from an earlier comment where he said Obamacare was the worst thing since slavery, Ken doubled down.

“At least under slavery, if you liked your slave you could keep your slave,” Noah said.

Watch the whole clip below.

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