Founder Profile

I prefer to be called Madame Mysteriosa.  Not really but I choose to post anonymously so why not call me that?  Or LAF?  Or WITAF?

Maybe don’t call me anything.  That probably works best for both of us.

Some clues about me from my articles, facebook posts and tweets:

  • I’m a woman.
  • I have a science based career.
  • I work for a giant corporation where I do extremely subversive things like surf Facebook all day, steal notebooks, hardly ever show up, etc.
  • I think I’m hilarious but I realize others may not.  Screw them.
  • I like cats.
  • I’m voting for Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Democratic Primaries.
  • I hate prejudice more than anything.  Although I recognize I’m prejudiced against conservatives.  Screw them.
  • I’m from a red state. The big one.  Yeah, that one.
  • I like talking about myself on my Liberal blog and yet tantalize people with my secret identity.
  • I’m not Bruce Wayne.