About Liberals are Funnier

Our mission is to spread U.S. Liberal messages in a humorous manner.

Liberals Are Funnier Than… is a political satire and political joke/spin site.  We based the site on the concept that U.S. liberals are funnier than U.S. conservatives – including democrats are funnier than republicans, donkeys are funnier than elephants, the left wing is way funnier (and further left) than the right wing, people are funnier than corporations, kittens are cuter than puppies, etc. Just basic facts that everyone already knows.

Satirical shows we love:

Saturday Night Live


The Daily Show

The Colbert Report

Political commentary shows we love:

Real Time with Bill Maher

Last Week Tonight

The Daily Show – Yes it has both satire and commentary.

Let’s get the word out for 2016 primaries and elect a winning candidate to run for President!

Liberals are funnier

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